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Learn where to watch full episodes, internet movies, and live TV on the internet.

BEWARE Of Internet TV Scams!

Beware of Scams There are many internet TV scams online. DO NOT be tempted to pay a "One Time Fee" for "Thousands" of TV channels.

Access to hundreds of TV streaming sites is FREE! You just need to know where to look. You won't believe how much TV is available online!

Watch full episodes of your favorite programs, past and present. You can even watch live sports, news and other live events online!

Some IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) websites are full of malware and loaded with ads or porn. Rest assured this site will never knowingly recommend a spammy or pornographic site.

Our mission is to minimize your exposure to spammy sites and help you find the best internet tv solutions for you.

Currently, this website is about watching internet TV in the US. Future articles will discuss watching internet TV in other countries.

Save Money By Watching Internet TV

You'll be amazed at how cheap & easy it is to get started watching TV on the internet. If you are reading this website, you already have all the software necessary to get started.

Here you'll find technical jargon explained in simple, easy to understand language. Learn how to watch what you want, on demand.

Most US television and cable networks offer free TV streaming from their websites. Watching full episodes on network websites is the best way to begin watching internet TV.

Attention, Cable Subscribers! You are often allowed special access to a "Members Only" section of network websites. It's worth a look at your favorite network's website to find the Members Login area.

You might find that internet TV is an acceptable alternative to your expensive cable or satellite service. Think how much money you could save by canceling your cable bill!


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